To encourage better oral health, DenTek is launching a campaign and contest to get more people to floss.

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DenTek campaign spotlights need to floss

May 12th, 2014

MARYVILLE, Tenn. – To encourage better oral health, DenTek is launching a campaign and contest to get more people to floss.

The oral care products company said Monday that the "Go Floss Yourself" campaign urges people "to be bold enough" to tell a co-worker, friend or loved one to "Go F themselves" — with F as a short way of saying "floss" — to remind them that they need to floss as part of good oral hygiene.

For the campaign, DenTek has partnered with Brickfish to launch a montage of videos on that highlight situations in which loved ones or family members "find the courage" to tell each other to "Go F themselves." The company said the idea of the initiative is to start a conversation about flossing and position flossing as a solution to avoid possible embarrassment by making light of the problem that everyone encounters.

In addition, DenTek will be hosting weekly contests tied to the campaign to get people to floss. The grand prize is a trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico, or $5,000 in cash. To enter the contest, users submit a video or a photo of themselves flossing with DenTek Floss Picks on between May 12 and June 23 and then share their entries and encourage friends and family to "like" and share their entries. Once the contest ends, DenTek will choose the winners from the top 20 entries with the most likes and shares.

According to DenTek, the campaign puts flossing in the public eye and promotes awareness of an important, healthy practice.

"The situation where a co-worker or family member has a piece a food stuck in their teeth happens more often than not," stated Rachel Scharfman, brand director of DenTek. "This campaign was put in place as a way to relieve people of these embarrassing moments like when you get home from work and realize you have lunch stuck in your teeth."

DenTek's roster of oral care products includes floss picks, interdental brush cleaners, dental guards for nighttime bruxism (teeth grinding), disposable dental picks, braces care and dental repair. Its products are available at such retail chains nationwide as Walmart, Target, Walgreens, CVS/pharmacy and Kroger.

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