Throat drop maker Pine Brothers is offering its products free to America's professional opera singers

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Pine Brothers serves up free drops to opera singers

October 24th, 2012

PEBBLE BEACH, Calif. – Throat drop maker Pine Brothers is offering its products free to America's professional opera singers

Pine Brothers announced the free throat drops promotion in front of the Metropolitan Opera House in Manhattan.

The company, known for its soft throat drop, made the announcement Tuesday in front of New York City's Metropolitan Opera House.

"Pine Brothers has a long and storied history of being used by musical performers," stated company spokesman David Roach. "We believe it's hands-down the most effective, most delicious throat drop on the market for mild sore throat irritation. And who's got a bigger investment in their throat than an opera singer?"

Professional opera singers can visit the company's website,, and click on the link to receive one free package per singer per year. The site features a comical image of a Valkyrie with Pine Brothers packages impaled on her horns.

Interest in the promotion has been strong so far, according to Roach. "Clearly, there's a marketing aspect to this, but our owner, Victoria Knight-McDowell, is an opera enthusiast and she thought, 'Why not do something nice for the opera performers, and let them know they're appreciated?' " he explained.

Pine Brothers said customers have been loyal to the brand for over 140 years because of its unique, "softish" consistency and effectiveness. The company reported that the drops have seen a renewed popularity with actors from Hollywood and the Broadway stage, many of whom order directly by the case from its Pebble Beach, Calif., headquarters.

Sales of Pine Brothers throat drops have grown fivefold over last year, Roach said. Indicated for the temporary relief of minor discomfort and protection of irritated areas in sore mouth and sore throat, the drops come in natural honey and wild cherry flavors. Limited quantities of licorice-flavored drops will be available this holiday season, and new lemon-citrus drops are due out next year.

Before purchasing Pine Brothers, owner Knight-McDowell created and then sold the popular Airborne dietary supplement. Pine Brothers drops are available nationally at such pharmacy retailers as CVS and Safeway.

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