Rite Aid Corp. is testing a new beauty concept in some of its “wellness store” locations in several markets.

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Rite Aid's new vision of beauty

November 25th, 2013

NEW YORK – Rite Aid Corp. is testing a new beauty concept in some of its “wellness store” locations in several markets.

Dubbed Beauty Vision, the concept brings an enhanced presentation, broader product mix and more upscale offerings to the beauty department, as well as a new service associate called the Beauty Adviser.

“In select Rite Aid stores, we’re offering a greater selection of beauty products, featuring premium brands like Senna Cosmetics, Alison Raffaele Cosmetics and Eddie Funkhouser,” said Judy Wray, category manager for cosmetics and fragrance.

“With our core customer being the female, we felt an expansion and an enhancement of our beauty department made sense,” she explained. “We believe our customers will enjoy learning about and trying new products. Additionally, we believe an enhanced customer experience adds to our customers well-being.”

Beauty Vision builds on the wellness format. Introduced in 2011, the wellness stores feature an enhanced layout and presentation, a wider array of wellness products and resources, expanded clinical pharmacy services and product guidance from “wellness ambassadors.”

As part of the wellness remodels, Rite Aid also has been updating the look and feel of the beauty department. The second version of the wellness store, unveiled in October 2012, ushered in the Nail Bar, a freestanding display showcasing top brands and the latest colors.

Beauty Vision incorporates some of those enhancements, Wray said. “You’ll see the illuminated displays and an enhanced version of our Nail Bar. We’ve also added special eye-catching, illuminated beauty graphics that add light and visual interest to the department.”

And while the ambassador focuses on customers’ health, the Beauty Adviser assists customers with their beauty needs. “Beauty Advisers are specially trained Rite Aid associates that can help shoppers learn about the new brands as well as others across the department,” Wray said. “They can also demonstrate how to use products and educate customers on beauty-related topics like color-matching and current trends.”

One of the Beauty Vision stores, on Hudson Street in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village, has the beauty area near the entrance, where it’s immediately visible to shoppers. Most prominent are the tall, circular Nail Bar with colorful graphics; an illuminated cosmetics display highlighting such brands as Senna, Eddie Funkhouser, POP Beauty and Girlactik Beauty; and fashion magazine-style signage throughout the department.

“The product mix is unique to each store but will offer premium brands, as well as the tried-and-true brands available in all Rite Aid stores,” Wray said.