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Outstanding performers receive their due

The first issue of Chain Drug Review of the new year has been reserved traditionally for the announcement of the publication’s outstanding retail performers of the previous 12 months. This issue is no ­exception.

Drug chains’ agenda for 2014 already crowded

While a number of unforeseen events will undoubtedly play a role in shaping the chain drug industry during the course of the new year, several developments that had their origin in 2013 or before will continue to exert a strong influence on the trade class’ evolution.

Chain drug stores can flourish in omnichannel world

As if the obvious needed to be stated, the period of slow, evolutionary change in the retailing environment for drug, food and convenience items is long over. The arrival of pure-play e-commerce companies to food, drug and beauty retailing marked the end of evolutionary and the beginning of truly explosive revolutionary change.

For medicine and health care, a time of transition

2014 begins as a period of transition and evolution in medicine and health care. Patients, providers, academic researchers, biopharmaceutical researchers and all health care stakeholders across America are confronting evolving environments and learning new rules of the road.