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Who are tomorrow’s retail leaders?

In the midst of the summer season, several of the nation’s largest mass retailers apparently remain confused, not over which direction to take going forward, but exactly who will be called on to get them there.

Walmart in pursuit of disruptive innovation

Walmart is in the early stages of a test involving its first company-owned in-store health clinics. If the project succeeds in its objectives and proves scalable, it could represent what Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen calls disruptive innovation, or if one prefers the earlier and more dramatic formulation of Austrian-born economist Joseph Schumpeter, creative ­destruction.

How shelf placement impacts retail buyers, shoppers

In a multipart series during the balance of the year, our team will examine key product attributes and marketing tactics from two different perspectives: the retail buyer and the consumer/shopper. We believe readers will benefit from an objective picture of the viewpoints that contribute to a product’s success at retail. This column explores the ways shelf placement impacts buyer and shopper ­behavior.