Shoppers Drug Mart Corp. aims to help customers live up to their New Year's resolutions focused on health and wellness.

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Shoppers Drug Mart aids with New Year's resolutions

December 28th, 2010

TORONTO – Shoppers Drug Mart Corp. aims to help customers live up to their New Year's resolutions focused on health and wellness.

The Canadian drug store chain said it's assisting consumers with their health improvement goals for the new year — namely, such popular resolutions as losing weight, getting in shape and quitting smoking — by stocking a full lineup of health and wellness products. The company also is urging customers to talk to its pharmacists if they have any questions about products that can help them reach their health objectives.

For example, for smoking cessation, Shoppers Drug Mart is highlighting Nicoderm patches for people who want to take a "cold turkey" approach and Life Brand Quit! gum and lozenges for those who aim to quit smoking more gradually.

In the area of natural wellness and weight management, the drug chain is pointing customers to its roster of nutritional supplements and related offerings. Recommended products include Life Brand CLA with Green Tea Softgels (for reduction of body fat), Life Brand Green Tea capsules (weight loss), Life Brand Platinum Super Probiotic Capsules (immune support and healthy digestion), multivitamins (daily health), Life Brand Platinum Vitamin D tablets (calcium for strong bones and teeth), Life Brand Omega-3 Triple Strength One Per Day Formula (cardiovascular health, cognitive health and brain function). Life Brand also offers omega-3 gummy fish and orange flavor soft gels for kids.

Shoppers Drug Mart also is turning the spotlight on supplements, along with nutritional snacks and exercise solutions, to help people looking to get in better physical shape.

For instance, the retailer said the Bodylogix collection spans multivitamins, protein powders, energy and weight-loss products, pre- and post-workout nutrient formulas and a cleanse detox system. And with the purchase of any Bodylogix product, customers receive a free, customized online diet and exercise program according to their age, weight, fitness level and access to exercise equipment. The program includes weekly meal plans, recipes, workout schedules, exercise videos and one-on-one advice.

Other suggested items for those striving to get in shape include Sportzone Creatine Monohydrate (for improve exercise performance), Life Brand L-Glutamine Powder (immune and digestive system health, muscle repair after exercise), Life Brand Energy and Snack Bars, the iGym Essential Walking Set (includes pedometer, wrist weight, water bottle and waist belt) and the iGym Essential Yoga & Pilates Set (contains gym ball with hand pump, yoga mat, eye mask, resistance tube and yoga blocks).

"Starting out the New Year with a personal goal is exciting and many people want to get started right away," stated Lisa Gibson, a Shoppers Drug Mart spokeswoman. "Shoppers Drug Mart makes it easy and affordable with its large selection of the latest natural health, wellness and fitness products that can help customers as they make lifestyle changes."

Shoppers Drug Mart operates more than 1,180 drug stores in Canada under the Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharmaprix banners.