Working with state pharmacy associations, health care solution provider PrescribeWellness  has begun a push to boost the flu vaccination rate by 1 million more Americans.

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Campaign aims for 1 million more flu vaccinations

August 22nd, 2012

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. – Working with state pharmacy associations, health care solution provider PrescribeWellness  has begun a push to boost the flu vaccination rate by 1 million more Americans.

The company said Wednesday that its "A Million More" flu shot campaign aims to rally support from community leaders and health care professionals nationwide to convey the message that getting a flu vaccine and taking other preventive health care actions improves public health and helps lower overall health care costs.

So far, PrescribeWellness has partnered with the Arizona Pharmacy Association, California Pharmacists Association, North Carolina Association of Pharmacists, Pharmacists Society of the State of New York, Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association, Georgia Pharmacy Association, Iowa Pharmacy Association and Oklahoma Pharmacists Association. The associations have identified and enrolled 300 pharmacies to date for the initiative, which has a goal of 1,000 participating pharmacies before the peak of the flu season.

As the most accessible and trusted preventive health care resource in their communities, pharmacists are a linchpin of the effort, according to PrescribeWellness. Participating pharmacists can provide immunizations as well as health screenings, medication therapy management sessions and other health services. The company noted that the Affordable Care Act provides more Americans preventive health care coverage, and the campaign will raise awareness of the role that pharmacists play in promoting overall health.

"We support this campaign because it demonstrates the health care services that pharmacists can provide beyond safely dispensing medication," Jon Roth, chief executive officer of the California Pharmacists Association, said in a statement. "We think it is important for pharmacists to have access to a program that highlights their role in the community. At the same time, we can use these examples with policymakers to expand understanding about how pharmacists contribute to the health care delivery system."

PrescribeWellness said it developed the A Million More campaign in response to the rising cost of health care, expected to reach $4.1 trillion by 2018. More than 70% of health care costs are controllable via personal actions and support of families, neighbors and communities.

"The flu is dangerous, threatens lives and costs the American economy billions of dollars each year," stated Al Babbington, CEO of PrescribeWellness. "The flu is responsible for approximately 200,000 hospitalizations and 25,000 deaths in the United States each year, yet only 46% of the population currently gets flu shot immunizations.

"By supporting 1,000 communities and getting 1,000 more people vaccinated in each one, we will make the world a healthier place," Babbington added.

With a mission of reducing health care costs while improving care, PrescribeWellness offers its Automated Digital Intervention (ADI) system, which provides cloud-based communications and facilitates collaboration of health care providers, family and other stakeholders. The company's services include population health, medication adherence, chronic disease management, behavioral change programs and transitional care.