Uniprix Inc. has entered an online couponing partnership with News Marketing Canada.

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Uniprix taps online couponing network

April 23rd, 2013

TORONTO – Uniprix Inc. has entered an online couponing partnership with News Marketing Canada.

The consumer marketing firm, the provider of SmartSource products and services, said Tuesday that under the exclusive agreement, Uniprix will provide instant, print-at-home online coupons via the weekly circular page on the Quebec drug chain's website.

Uniprix's website will feature coupons from the expanding SmartSource.ca Online Coupon Network, as well as Uniprix-exclusive coupons, according to News Marketing Canada.

"We are tremendously pleased that our long-standing relationship with News Marketing Canada has expanded from in-store promotions to the digital space," Daniel Masse, director of negotiations at Uniprix, said in a statement. "Online coupons are a rapidly growing savings tool, and we are proud to be able to offer this additional value to our shoppers."

The SmartSource technology enables Canadian shoppers to pick the coupons they want online and immediately print them at home.

"Uniprix.com is a premier destination for Quebec families who are increasingly seeking savings online when planning their shopping trips," stated Henri Lellouche, senior vice president for SmartSource Digital. "We are delighted to be working with Uniprix Inc. to deliver additional savings opportunities for their shoppers."

Uniprix's retail network encompasses 387 drug stores across Quebec.