Target Corp. pharmacies in western Canada plan to give away first aid kits to help consumers be safer for the summer.

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Target serves up free first aid kits in Canada

June 21st, 2013

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario – Target Corp. pharmacies in western Canada plan to give away first aid kits to help consumers be safer for the summer.

The discount store chain said Thursday that from June 30 to July 15, Target pharmacists in its western Canada stores will offer free, Target-branded first aid kits and be on hand to provide educate customers about a well-stocked first aid kit and discuss how to properly treat and heal wounds up to four days faster.

Target said the giveaway stems from the findings of a survey 1,500 western Canadian adults that it commissioned with Leger Marketing. The poll found that 22% of respondents don't have a first aid kit at home, and 60% don't have a first aid kit in their car. In addition, 58% of people without first aid kits think they have first aid essentials in various locations throughout their home.

Target pharmacists, however, noted that clearly marked first aid kits are critical to ensure the proper steps are followed when treating injuries. As a result, families should place first aid kits in easily identifiable and accessible areas in their homes and cars.

"In addition to sunshine, summer brings an uptick in cuts, scrapes and bruises," Jeffrey May, director of health care operations for Target Canada, said in a statement. "Properly treating wounds can increase healing by up to four days, which is why Target recommends having first aid essentials in a kit that is easy to locate and visiting your local pharmacist to learn how to properly treat scrapes and bruises."

The survey also found that western Canadians are missing many first aid items from their kits. Although those with first aid kits said they have common items such as adhesive bandages (91%), sterile gauze pads (87%), and adhesive tape (85%), many indicated that they didn't include key nonmedical items such as emergency telephone numbers (22%), a pencil and a pad (29%), instant ice packs (32%) and a flashlight with extra batteries (35%).

According to Target, which has 48 stores in Canada, must-have items for a first aid kit include emergency phone numbers (EMS/911, local poison control center, doctor);  home and office phone numbers for family members, friends or neighbors who can help; sterile gauze pads in small and large squares; adhesive tape; roller and triangular bandages to hold dressings in place or to make an arm sling; adhesive bandages in assorted sizes; scissors, tweezers and safety pins; instant ice packs; disposable non-latex gloves; a flashlight, with extra batteries in a separate bag; antiseptic wipes or soap; a pencil and a pad; an emergency blanket; eye patches; a thermometer; and barrier devices such as a pocket mask or a face shield.