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Bartells redesigns weekly ad circular

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SEATTLE — Bartell Drugs has revamped its weekly ad circular, switching from a broadsheet to a tabloid format, and using cleaner graphics and feature-oriented headings to make it easier for consumers to read and use.

Bartell Drugs new circular

Bartells has shifted its weekly ad circular to a tabloid format.

“We’ve completely redesigned the piece with the customer in mind,” says Bartells senior marketing manager Ryan Short. “The circular has improved graphics that are more streamlined and aligned with our brand and visual style, both in our stores and on our ­website.”

Short adds that print circulars remain a strong component in Bartell’s marketing portfolio.

Bartells had been using a broadsheet format for its promotional advertising over the past three years, but decided to switch to a tabloid format after working with a local insights consultant.

The new circulars generally fluctuate between eight and 12 pages, and the company says the new format offers an easier reading experience for customers, and allows Bartells to more easily curate product assortment groupings and tell product stories within specific categories. Dedicated sections on each page allow readers to jump quickly to the product offerings that interest them most, and Short says that feature items are called out more effectively with the use of color and larger photos.

“The new design better complements the products from our vendor suppliers,” Short says. “The products are the focal point, so we don’t want to overshadow them with typography or overly bold price points.”

Products featured in the circular will be more prominently tied to the in-store promotional experience, the company said. The circulars will also promote Bartell’s retail care service, CareClinic, as well as its pharmacy services, and they direct readers to the chain’s website.


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