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Digimarc highlights sustainable and efficient retail applications at NRF 2020

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NEW YORK— Digimarc Corp. will highlight at this year’s National Retail Federation (NRF) “Retail’s Big Show” (Booth #3229), the growing adoption of the Platform across a range of media and applications. Digimarc and its growing partner ecosystem will showcase new use cases and retail benefits at this year’s NRF including shrink and waste reduction, improved recycling and sustainability, connected apparel, better inventory management and recent print-to-digital programs. NRF is being held at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City, January 12-14.

“NRF 2020 illustrates the maturation of the Digimarc Platform and how it actively supports retailers, consumer brands, recyclers and many leading suppliers who are addressing critical industry challenges, including improving store operations efficiency, reducing food waste and operational shrink, improving on-shelf availability, plastics sorting and more,” said Bruce Davis, CEO, Digimarc. “Our demonstrations highlight many of the benefits that flow from the Platform, such as traceability, sustainability, efficiency and direct-to-consumer engagement.”

Digimarc has developed a highly effective auto-identification and data capture Platform of unprecedented scope supported by a growing number of suppliers and application developers. The three core functions of the Digimarc Platform are identification, discovery and verification.

Booth demos highlighting Platform solutions developed by Digimarc and suppliers and application developers will include:

Sustainability & Reduce Waste

  • Digital Recycling Passport’ for Plastic Packaging: Scanning demonstration of labels on product packaging with Digimarc Barcode. Digimarc is part of the HolyGrail 2.0 project, which aims to speed up the transition to a circular economy for plastics by increasing the quantity and quality of recyclable material identification in waste management systems via application of Digimarc Barcode.
  • Reduce Food Waste: Demonstration of Digimarc Barcode on the fresh product labels of grab-and-go sandwiches for the “reduced-to-clear” use case, to make it easier for associates to surface discounted, fresh items to shoppers and sell them before they are discarded as shrink.
  • Perform Targeted Track & Trace Operations: Digimarc Barcode on corrugated cardboard crates and clam shell packaging with enhanced labels makes it easy for food manufacturers to accurately and quickly identify specific lots of fresh foods expiring soon or needing to be recalled. By pinpointing specific product runs, manufacturers don’t need to resort to inefficient mass disposals of products.
  • Help Consumers Find Recycling Options: Demonstration of WestRock corrugated pizza boxes with Digimarc; when scanned with an app, it geo-locates the consumer and directs them to specific recycling guidelines for that municipality.
  • Detect Bottom-of-Basket (BoB) Items to Reduce Shrink: Demonstrate BoB scanning with a 35-pack of Wegmans Spring Water in conjunction with Datalogic’s (Booth #5337) LaneHawk LH5000 fixed retail scanner for loss prevention. When scanning product packaging with Digimarc Barcode, LaneHawk detects items left in the bottom of the basket that have not been scanned to prevent accidental or intentional shrink.
  • “Scan & Go” the Digimarc Way: Demonstrate a Zebra (Booth #5555, #3301) PS20 Personal Shopper device mounted on a shopping cart that scans packaging and labels with Digimarc Barcode for a convenient “Scan & Go” option.
  • Prevent Sales of Expired Fresh Items: Demonstration of “stop sale” use case with Datalogic (Booth #5337) Magellan 9800i and Toshiba Global Commerce Solution (Booth #3319) Point-of-Sale with ACE software system integrated with Digimarc software. Scanning an expired label with Digimarc Barcode notifies the cashier not to sell the item, preventing a poor customer experience and the sale of expired products.
  • More Reliable Label Inspections: Video monitor highlighting Digimarc’s work to support component accuracy and parts matching for leading manufacturers, such as Procter & Gamble, to reduce waste and protect profits. Read a case study.

Connected Apparel

  • Digital Athletic Jerseys: Digimarc and Avery Dennison (Booth #5319), a global material science and labeling solutions company and leading supplier of external embellishments to the English Premier League, have teamed up to add Digimarc Barcode to athletic wear. Consumers can scan the jerseys’ numbers, letters and patches with a smartphone to access digital content.
  • Make Pick & Pack Inventory Easier & Eliminate Plastic Polybags: Demonstrating a fully-recyclable, paper-based solution made by Seaman Paper for shipping apparel in e-commerce boxes; a paper insert in the bag with Digimarc Barcode makes inventory management, Pick & Pack and the shipping process easier.
  • Engage Consumers with Connected Footwear Boxes: Demonstrating footwear boxes printed by L&E, a global packaging solutions company, with labels containing Digimarc Barcode. Visitors can scan the labels and get digital content related to and highlighting “Singles Day,” a global shopping day that originated in China, and last year, generated $60 billion.
  • Smart, Sustainable Clothes Hangers:  Demonstration of recycled-content hangers from Ditto (made from paper fiberboard) with a Digimarc Barcode to illustrate consumer engagement, improved inventory management and increased logistical efficiencies. Retailers can capture data for apparel processing, sales and marketing.
  • Digital Shopping with a Print Catalog/Magazine: Examples of the Walmart Holiday Catalog, Homes & Land magazines and HGTV Magazine with Digimarc Barcode where consumers can activate mobile shopping directly from the publications and seamlessly access other Internet benefits.
  • Add Code to Digitally-Printed Fabric: Digimarc continues to demonstrate apparel innovation by adding codes to colorful “bomber jackets” worn by Digimarc booth staff. The jackets have Digimarc Barcode and the Digimarc design team used Digimarc Platform tools in conjunction with Adobe (Booth #5810, 4501) Creative Cloud tools to add connectivity to the jackets, supporting consumer and enterprise applications.

Inventory Management

  • Scan Products on Shelf Faster: Digimarc and Zebra (Booth #5555, #3301) are demonstrating how inventory management is nearly 80% faster when scanning packaging and fresh product labels with Digimarc Barcode instead of the same products with the UPC/EAN barcode.

Connected Packaging

  • Fast & Easy Package Scanning: Product packaging with Digimarc Barcode from some of the world’s largest retailers and consumer brands. This offers a multitude of benefits, including reliable and faster checkout, improved inventory management, direct-to-consumer engagement, reduced food waste and overall improvements to supply chain operations and more.

For more information or to schedule a booth tour, visit www.digimarc.com/nrf.


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