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Flu shots now available at all GIANT and MARTIN’S pharmacies

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CARLISLE, Pa. – The GIANT Company announced flu vaccinations are now available at all 133 GIANT And MARTIN’S in-store pharmacies.

“The most effective way to fight the flu is by getting your annual flu shot,” said Leigh Shirley, director of pharmacy operations, The GIANT Company. “As the flu virus changes, flu vaccinations are reformulated every year so it’s important for your entire family to get them, especially older adults and young children. Our pharmacies also offer the COVID-19 vaccine and booster doses, which can be administered at the same time as a flu shot.”

GIANT and MARTIN’S pharmacies offer several types of flu shots for children, adults, and seniors. Most insurance plans cover flu shots at $0 copays, including Medicare Part B. Flu shots are administered by immunizing GIANT and MARTIN’S pharmacists, subject to state regulations. No appointment is needed.

Beginning Sept. 16 and running through Oct. 8, select GIANT and MARTIN’S pharmacies will again offer drive-up flu vaccinations where patients can pull into a spot in the designated area of the store parking lot and be vaccinated without leaving their car. Store locations offering drive-up flu vaccinations as well as the dates and times will soon be available at giantfoodstores.com/pages/tgc-vaccines or martinsfoods.com/pages/tgc-vaccines.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that everyone six months and older get a flu vaccination. While the CDC recommends flu shots by the end of October for everyone over six months, certain groups of people are at greater risk for complications from the flu. These groups include: people with diabetes, pregnant women, adults over 65, children under 5, those with asthma and other chronic lung diseases, those with kidney and liver disorders, heart disease patients and those with compromised immune systems.

Initial doses of Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines are available for those ages 3 and up at GIANT and MARTIN’s pharmacies. COVID-19 vaccine type may vary by location. Pharmacies offering the Pfizer vaccine can administer booster doses to ages 5 and up. Pharmacies offering the Moderna vaccine can administer booster doses to those ages 18 and up. Parental consent is required, and parent/guardian must be on site. Both initial doses and boosters are administered at no out-of-pocket cost. In addition, select pharmacy locations carry Novavax for those ages 12 and up. To ensure you receive the vaccine of choice, appointments are encouraged and can be made at giantfoodstores.com/pages/tgc-vaccines or martinsfoods.com/pages/tgc-vaccines.


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