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Hallmark launches virtual reality greeting cards

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Hallmark Cards Inc. is bringing one of the latest tech trends to greeting cards this Father’s Day: virtual reality greeting cards.

The company said the Hallmark Virtual Reality Father’s Day cards, which include a detachable pop-up viewer, take the recipient on a 360-degree adventure reflecting the theme of the card. There are four selections for 2017: surfing, sky-diving, motorcycle racing or car racing.

The virtual reality (VR) cards work as follows: The recipient uses a smartphone to access a website and open a YouTube app and then slides the phone into the pop-up viewer for the VR experience. Instructions on how to use the cards are included.

“At Hallmark, we are merging digital trends with physical cards to take card giving and receiving to the next level,” stated Tom Brantman, creative director for Hallmark Greetings Innovation. “Our virtual reality cards offer more than a sentiment; they provide a one-of-a-kind experience.”

Father’s Day is the fourth-largest holiday for giving greeting cards, with an estimated 72 million cards exchanged annually, according to Hallmark. For 2017, Hallmark’s Father’s Day card collection includes more than 800 designs.

“With the affinity between men and technology, these cards are the perfect way to extend the gift of an experience and elevate the moment for Father’s Day,” commented Shannon Ortbals, product manager for Hallmark Greetings Innovation. “The pop-up VR viewer has a patent pending and is much simpler than other options out there, making it easy for anyone to use.”

Also on the tech side for Father’s Day, Hallmark is introducing Hallmark Playlist Cards sound cards, which provide the recipient access to an exclusive, specially curated song list on one of today’s leading music platforms. The company is also drawing on its portfolio of licensed content with the rollout of a new collection of Hallmark Shadowbox Light & Sound cards for Father’s Day. The three-card collection features favorite superhero characters in dimensional paper-craft scenes with moving lights and recognizable sounds.


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