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Hershey serves up new Valentine’s Day candy

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HERSHEY, Pa. — The Hershey Co. has unveiled its lineup of new candy and treats for Valentine’s Day, including offerings from the Hershey’s, Kit Kat, Reese’s and Cadbury brands.

Hershey_Kit Kat Red VelvetFour new Valentine’s Day items were announced for Hershey’s Kisses. Kisses Milk Chocolate Conversation Candies feature messages of love right on the foils and come in an 11-oz. bag (suggested retail price $4.39).

There’s also the Kisses Milk Chocolate Conversation Candies Recordable Heart Box, available at Walmart, that lets consumers record a Valentine’s love message via the heart-shaped box (10-oz., $11.99).

Also new from Hershey’s Kisses are the Kisses Deluxe 18-piece Hazelnut Filled Chocolates Heart Box (5.5-oz., $8.99) and Kisses White Cookie Cupcake (11-oz. bag, $4.39), which is available at Target and combines the taste of cupcakes with a cookie crunch in one bite, Hershey said.

Reese’s is bringing hearts this Valentine’s Day. Reese’s White Crème Covered Peanut Butter Hearts join white chocolate and peanut butter in a fun heart shape. The individually wrapped candies come in a 10-oz. bag for $4.39.

Hershey_Reeses Peanut Butt HeartsAlso from Reese’s is a pair of boxed gift options: the Reese’s White Creme Peanut Butter 5-oz. Heart, which combines creamy peanut butter and with white creme ($5.49), and Reese’s 1 lb. Peanut Butter Hearts, which serves up two 8-oz. milk chocolate/peanut butter hearts ($10.99).

Valentine’s Day 2017 also brings a new Kit Kat flavor: Kit Kat Miniatures Red Velvet. These Kit Kat miniature crispy treats, available in a 10-oz. bag for $4.39, bring the rich taste of red velvet and are individually wrapped.

And from Cadbury come three new Valentine’s confections: Cadbury Royal Dark Solid Dark Chocolate, available in 5.1-oz. bag for $3.99; Cadbury Royal Dark Chocolate with Caramel & Sea Salt, also sold in 5.1-oz. bag for $3.99; and Cadbury Royal Dark Chocolate with Caramel & Sea Salt Heart Box, available in a 3.85-oz. box for $4.99.


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