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Swisse Wellness launches Clinical Collagen+ Beauty Blends

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SAN DIEGO  – Swisse Wellness, a global premium wellness brand, announces the launch of Clinical Collagen+ Beauty Blends, the latest addition in the brand’s beauty product range. Formulated with premium quality ingredients including grass-fed bovine collagen, VERISOL Bioactive Collagen Peptides and hyaluronic acid with other natural ingredients, Swisse is thrilled to bring an efficacious and proven product that will appeal to beauty and wellness enthusiasts.

Joining Swisse’s range of beauty products now available for purchase directly on, the Clinical Collagen+ Beauty Blend contains ingredients proven to help improve skin and joint health with 10 grams of collagen per serving.  The clean label non-GMO supplement is designed to help reduce wrinkles and fine facial lines, increase skin elasticity and promote healthy aging and smooth skin by supporting collagen and elastin production. 

“We’re offering a scientifically-backed collagen product that easily fits into our consumer’s routine,” says North America vice president Kimberly Weld. “Our consumer base spans ages, lifestyles and health needs, and we feel that this product appeals to this wide range of wellness enthusiasts.”

Available now on in a Chai Tea Flavor, with a Green Tea Flavor to follow in early May, the product is sold in a package containing thirty individual packets at a MSRP of $49.99. The Clinical Collagen+ Beauty Blend is Paleo and Keto-friendly, contains no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners and is made to blend with 6-8oz of cold water, plant-based milk, dairy or other cold beverage. Naturally sweetened and free from preservatives, the product is meant to be enjoyed as part of a daily wellness routine.

“We developed this product with efficacy top of mind, using VERISOL Bioactive Collagen Peptides. This well-studied ingredient has several fantastic benefits, my favorite being facial fine line reduction,” says Rhianna Smith, Product Development Manager, North America. “Collagen also supports joint health which is such a great bonus for healthy lifestyles. We pride ourselves on our competitive price compared to other brands in the market knowing that we have stayed true to the Swisse difference of quality.”

The Clinical Collagen+ Beauty Blend is the second innovation developed specifically for the U.S. Market, created with a scientifically backed custom formulation. The first innovation with the same criteria was the Swisse Ultiboost – Focus Boost Jelly containing Cera-Q, which launched in fall of 2019.


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