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Washington state

Washington state OKs provider status

OLYMPIA, Wash. — A law described as the first of its kind in the nation to require health insurance carriers to include pharmacists as network providers has been signed by Washington Gov. Jay Inslee. The landmark law, ESSB 5557, was sponsored by Sen. Linda Parlette, who is also a registered pharmacist. Until now, health insurance

Walgreens helps Washington state battle pertussis

Walgreens helps Washington state battle pertussis

DEERFIELD, Ill. — Walgreens announced that it’s offering pertussis vaccinations at all of its 130 pharmacies in Washington state, which has seen a jump in whooping cough cases this year. According to Walgreens, the Washington State Department of Health said more than 380 cases of whooping cough have been reported, compared with 85 during the same time in