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Thrifty White Pharmacy steps up diabetes care

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PLYMOUTH, Minn. — Thrifty White Pharmacy has boosted its support for diabetes patients with the launch of a new, high-touch program.

Called the Healthy Outcomes Diabetes Support Program, the patient-centric platform provides an additional 24 touch points annually tailored to patients’ individual needs. The diabetes care solution is being offered directly to employers and through health plan partnerships starting this month.

thrifty-white-storefront_closeupThe objective, as the name of the program indicates, is to maximize diabetes patients’ health outcomes. At the start of the program, each new patient completes an initial survey and selects three goals. Thrifty White also performs A1c, blood pressure and cholesterol screenings to establish baseline levels.

Patients also are enrolled in the drug chain’s RxMedSync medication synchronization program, designed to simplify adherence and allow the clinical support team, patient and pharmacist to align on objectives.

Next comes a comprehensive medication review (CMR). At their month two pickup, patients sit down with a Thrifty White pharmacist to determine optimal drug therapies, find opportunities to save money and answer any questions. The clinical team follows up with monthly support calls to review goals, offer coaching, screen for side effects and missed doses, and schedule the next in-store pickup appointment.

In addition, the clinical team provides education and encouragement to enhance patients’ ability to manage diabetes through lifestyle modification. Patients also can monitor their progress by using in-store blood pressure testing at Thrifty White pharmacies.

The diabetes management program also includes quarterly A1c reviews. If levels aren’t in the recommended range, pharmacists work with the patient’s doctor to optimize therapy. And every six months in the program, Thrifty White reviews patients’ results, discusses progress toward their goals and ensures they remain on target.

Along with regular testing and support to increase treatment effectiveness and encourage healthy lifestyle changes, the program helps lower the risk of diabetes complications such as nephropathy, cardiovascular disease and neuropathies, according to Thrifty White.

“We’ve continually heard from employers in our communities that diabetes is one of their top two concerns. In addition, a recent study attributed $245 billion in health care costs to diabetes, based on direct and indirect costs,” Thrifty White stated. “Our new program enables employers to take action on this difficult to manage population and directly impact their overall health care costs. With the continued growth of these costs, we need to take proactive steps to help patients control their conditions and reduce unnecessary health care usage. This program provides a blueprint for success.”

Overall, Thrifty White has 93 pharmacies in Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. It also has 80 affiliated pharmacy locations around the country.


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