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Hallmark unveils four new multicultural card lines

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KANSAS CITY — Hallmark is continuing to give people even more ways to emotionally connect with others through four brand new multicultural card lines celebrating Chinese, Indian, African American and Latino cultures. Hallmark’s four newest collections – Eight Bamboo, Golden Thread, Uplifted and Love Ya Mucho – are now available where Hallmark cards are sold and on Hallmark.com.

“Hallmark has always been about helping people share what’s in their hearts with those they love, and our mission includes all people. We want to continue to help people connect with each other in the ways that are most meaningful and relevant to them,” said Lindsey Roy, chief marketing officer – Hallmark Greetings. “For more than a hundred years, Hallmark has listened carefully to our customers to understand their relationship needs, and today is no different. As the world changes, our cards are also changing to help as many people as possible experience the power of a card in ways that are unique and relevant to their cultures.”

Eight Bamboo and Golden Thread reflect the beauty and symbolism of Chinese and Indian cultures, respectively, honoring each distinct heritage and blending it with inspirations of modern culture. Eight Bamboo and Golden Thread cards recognize Chinese and Indian celebrations and holidays such as Lunar New Year and Diwali, and culturally significant moments such as Baby’s 100th day and 1st birthday. The cards feature beautiful and premium designs with embellishments such as glitter, gems and cut-outs that showcase an elevated level of craftsmanship.

Uplifted is a new collection within Hallmark Mahogany, celebrating the beauty of black womanhood and female empowerment in ways that are unique to black culture. Uplifted‘s bold designs and fierce editorial shine light on a resilient past, an empowered present and a radiant future.

Love Ya Mucho is a new collection within Hallmark Vida, featuring casual and contemporary designs mixed with positive, conversational and simply stated messages with relevance to Latinas. The collection features English cards with Spanish words and/or design elements that hold strong cultural meaning, ideal for those who flow seamlessly between English and Spanish, or who speak predominantly English but connect deeply with their Latino culture and lifestyle.


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