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Upsher-Smith, NASPA honor pharmacists

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MAPLE GROVE, MN – Upsher-Smith and the National Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations (NASPA) recently recognized the recipients of the 2018 NASPA Excellence in Innovation Award. Forty pharmacists from across the nation were recognized for their outstanding contributions to the profession of pharmacy. The annual award is coordinated by NASPA and sponsored by Upsher-Smith.

Founded in 1927 as the National Council of State Pharmacy Association Executives, NASPA is dedicated to enhancing the success of state pharmacy associations in their efforts to advance the profession of pharmacy. The Excellence in Innovation Award recognizes pharmacists who have demonstrated significant innovation in their practice, method, or service directly or indirectly resulting in improved patient care and/or advancement of the profession of pharmacy. The award is presented by participating state pharmacist associations.

“Each year, Upsher-Smith is proud to join with the National Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations and state pharmacy associations to recognize pharmacists who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to improving the health and lives of patients,” said Rusty Field, president and chief executive officer, Upsher-Smith Laboratories. “We are pleased to honor these leaders who share our same values and we look forward to a future of working together to continue the advancement of patient care.”

State honorees received their award from participating state pharmacy associations during separate award ceremonies throughout 2018. The recipients include:

• Alabama: Cole Sandlin, PharmD

• Alaska: Norton Sound Health Corporation Pharmacy

• Arizona: Kimberly Smith, PharmD

• Arkansas: Whitney Bussell, PharmD

• California: Tony J. Park, PharmD, JD

• Colorado: Amber Cizmic, PharmD, BCACP

• Connecticut: Lukasz Jamrozek, PharmD

• Delaware: Mark Isabella, RPh

• Florida: Mariette Sourial, PharmD

• Georgia: Charles W . Barnes, RPh

• Indiana: Jasmine D. Gonzalvo, PharmD

• Iowa: Michelle M. Bottenberg, PharmD, BCPS

• Kansas: Sandie Kueker, RPh

• Kentucky: J. Leon Claywell, BSPharm, RPh, FACA

• Louisiana: Joseph G. LeBlanc, Jr., PharmD, MHA, MBA

• Maine: Brandon Alan Archibald, PharmD

• Maryland: Jill A. Morgan, PharmD, BCPS, BCPPS

• Massachusetts: Kam L. Capoccia, PharmD, BCPS, CDE

• Michigan: Gregory A. Pratt, RPh

• Minnesota: Alison Knutson, PharmD, BCACP

• Mississippi: Lorelei Farr, PharmD

• Missouri: Morgan Miller, PharmD

• Montana: Joshua Loveland, PharmD

• New Hampshire: Linda M. Sawyer, BSPharm, RPh

• New Jersey: Daniel DiStefano, PharmD

• New York: John Croce, RPh

• North Carolina: Rebecca H. Grandy, PharmD

• Ohio: Aaron Clark, RPh, PharmD

• Oklahoma: Kacee Blackwell, PharmD

• Oregon: Amber Franck, PharmD

• Pennsylvania: Lindsey Meston, PharmD

• Rhode Island: Christina Procaccianti, PharmD

• South Carolina: Carmen Monts, PharmD

• Tennessee: Julie Bennett, PharmD, MBA, BCPS

• Texas: Sara Robison, PharmD

• Washington: Beverly J. Schaefer, RPh

• Washington, DC: Jacquise Unonu, PharmD

• West Virginia: Gretchen Kreckel Garofoli, PharmD, BCACP

• Wisconsin: Julie K. Dagam, PharmD, BCPS

• Wyoming: Dave Bruch, PharmD

“We thank Upsher-Smith for supporting these outstanding pharmacists with the Excellence in Innovation Award,” said Rebecca Snead, executive vice president and chief executive officer of NASPA. “We are proud to recognize the efforts of this year’s awardees who are leading the way in innovative pharmacy practice that results in improved care for patients across America.”


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