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Carex launches compact, folding wheelchair

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OAKLAND, Calif. — Carex Health Brands has introduced the Carex Wheelchair, a compact, folding wheelchair designed for easy transport and storage.

The home health care supplier said Wednesday that the wheelchair’s innovative design enables it to be folded flat, the back rests to be folded down, the front riggings to be removed, and the rear wheels to be released with a push of a button. Carex noted that the chair can in almost any automobile trunk, even a that of a compact hybrid.

In addition, the wheelchair features padded desk-style arm rests that make it easier to pull up to a desk to write or use a computer. The arm rests also flip back so the user can pull the chair up close to the table during meals. Pockets in the seat back allow for convenient storage of personal items.

The Carex standard wheelchair weighs 38.2 pounds (41.8 pounds with removable front riggings) and has a 20-inch-high seat.

Packaged in a full-color retail box, the Carex Wheelchair is available at select retailers, chain drug stores and independent pharmacies nationwide for a suggested retail price of $249.99.

Carex’s home health care offerings encompass such areas as mobility, bathroom safety, personal care and daily living aids, medication organizers, pain management through Moist Heat ThermaTherapy, cold therapy treatment, self-care products, and in-home and patient room equipment. 


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