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Eyebot self-service vision tech secures $6m in seed funding

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BOSTON – Eyebot today announced the closing of a $6M seed funding round for its first product, a freestanding self-serve vision testing terminal.

The machine delivers an unparalleled 90-second automated experience and delivers accurate eye prescriptions directly at point-of-sale — making it the world’s first push-button vision testing technology.

“What used to take days or weeks can now be accomplished in a matter of minutes,” said Eyebot founder and CEO, Matthias Hofmann. “Eyebot’s cutting-edge technology transforms vision care to be more accessible than ever before, fitting effortlessly into the modern consumer’s lifestyle.”

“The in-person vision test is a major obstacle for consumers and retailers in the corrective eyewear market,” said Abe Murray, general partner at AlleyCorp. “Eyebot’s implementation of automation and cutting-edge technology has the potential to completely transform the way leading eyewear brands perform vision tests and deliver prescriptions. Eyebot is bringing vision care to underserved communities and health deserts across the world at the touch of a button”

The close was led by AlleyCorp and Ubiquity Ventures and previous Eyebot investors Baukunst and Village Global, with participation from Humba Ventures, Ravelin, and Spacecadet. This strategic infusion of capital will bolster Eyebot’s product development trajectory, grow the team, and accelerate its expansion initiatives. Eyebot has completed clinical studies involving hundreds of patients and validated its self-serve modality in several US cities. The company has orders from leading eyewear brands, has built a tele-doctor network of providers, and is planning to scale in 2025.


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