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NACDS TSE exhibitors donate products to Denver charities

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Thanks to the generosity of NACDS Total Store Expo exhibitors and the coordination of the Colorado Convention Center, representatives of Habitat for Humanity, Sacred Heart House of Denver, and RAFT (Resource Area for Teaching) pick up leftover sample products for use in their missions of service to Denverites.

DENVER – With retailers and suppliers advancing to the crucial stage of following up on their meetings at the 2018 National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS) Total Store Expo, one more important piece of on-site work remained: donating leftover products to local Denver charities and the people they serve.

As is the practice at the event, which this year called Denver home from August 25-27, many exhibitors contributed health and wellness products, food, home goods and much more. NACDS collaborated with the Colorado Convention Center, which facilitated donations to Habitat for Humanity, which builds and improves peoples’ homes; Sacred Heart House of Denver, a homeless shelter for families; and RAFT (Resource Area For Teaching), which provides affordable resources to educators to facilitate hands-on learning.

NACDS president and chief executive officer Steven Anderson said: “NACDS honors the work of these organizations to improve the lives of people throughout Denver, and we thank and recognize the Colorado Convention Center team for the commitment to facilitating donations for important causes. NACDS Total Store Expo exhibitors once again have donated generously an array of valuable and helpful products that will do a lot of good for the community. This is a fantastic way to conclude the on-site aspect of the NACDS Total Store Expo, and it is great to know that these products will create additional benefit for weeks and months to come.”

Stephanie Welsh, executive director of RAFT, said: “Since teachers spend an average of $650 out of their own pocket each year, RAFT supports them with affordable materials to enhance their teaching practice. Sometimes, teachers need access to more than learning materials; many children are afraid to go to school because their parents can’t afford basic needs, including hygiene products, and the result is that these children are likely to become the brunt of teasing or bullying behaviors. Thanks to the generous donation of health and beauty products, Colorado teachers will have access to resources they can use to help students in these situations. Thank you so much for your support!”

The product donation is consistent with NACDS’ work to reflect the association’s membership. NACDS’ 2017 Chain Pharmacy Community Engagement Report found that NACDS chain members reported $650 million in total annual giving, and 1.5 million total volunteer hours. NACDS also highlights the generous community engagement of suppliers.

The 2019 NACDS Total Store Expo will be held August 24 to 26 in Boston.



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