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Rite Aid opens first HealthSpot stations

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CAMP HILL, Pa. — One of the nation’s leading retail drug chains has teamed up with a pioneer in patient- and provider-driven health care technology. Last month, Rite Aid Corp. and HealthSpot announced the opening of HealthSpot stations in 25 Rite Aid pharmacies in Ohio.


HealthSpot telehealth stations have been opened in 25 Rite Aid pharmacies.

Through the HealthSpot stations, customers are able to conveniently access a variety of quality health care services, including pediatric care. The HealthSpot stations are located inside selected Rite Aid pharmacies in Akron/Canton, Cleveland and Dayton/Springfield.

Rite Aid and HealthSpot first announced their partnership in November 2014.

“The opening of the first HealthSpot stations inside select Rite Aid pharmacies in Ohio is another step in our transformation into a retail health care company,” said Rite Aid executive vice president of pharmacy Robert Thompson.

“This first-of-its-kind model pairs licensed health care providers with state-of-the-art technology to deliver a truly unique solution to consumers looking for convenient and quality health care. We are excited to be bringing such an innovative concept to market and look forward to introducing our customers to HealthSpot.”

Through proprietary cloud-based telemedicine software, HealthSpot enables users to interact with nationally recognized health care providers in a private, 40-square-foot station that utilizes high-definition video-conferencing and interactive medical devices including a stethoscope, an otoscope, a pulse oximeter and a ­magnascope.

Each HealthSpot station is supported by a trained wellness attendant who can help the patient as needed from check-in to checkout. At the stations, customers age 3 and older can be treated for minor and common health conditions, including cold and flu, rashes and skin conditions, eye conditions, earaches, and seasonal allergies.

A record of the visit is maintained, ensuring seamless communication and continuity of care. The software platform also interfaces with insurance eligibility, electronic medical records and billing systems.

“Telehealth is a key driver in the revolution of our health care delivery system,” said HealthSpot chief executive officer Steve Cashman. “HealthSpot brings together a set of unique technologies, devices and local health care providers to create a one-of-a-kind health care experience.

“We are thrilled to be working with Rite Aid to pilot this new health care model as the first retail clinic truly integrated with local health systems to expand access to affordable and convenient health care in Ohio.”

Since they began opening in late May, HealthSpot stations in Rite Aid stores have served thousands of the chain’s ­customers.


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