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Sun-Maid revamps its Yogurt Covered Raisins to better appeal to millennials

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KINGSBURG, Calif.— Sun-Maid continues to make bold moves with its healthy fruit snacks that align with the shifting eating preferences of millennials. The company announced Monday the reformulation of its Yogurt Covered Raisins, which are now Non-GMO Project verified, include improvements to taste, look and texture, and feature new flavor mashups for a great taste that will please parents in search of better-for-you options that their kids will crave. Chocolate & Vanilla and Strawberry & Vanilla are new flavor combinations that consumers may indulge in, and these gluten free fruit snacks also come in traditional Chocolate, Vanilla and Salted Caramel flavors.

“Millennials have a holistic view toward health and we are addressing their needs by developing products that are less processed and have fewer artificial ingredients,” said Chris Dixon, Sun-Maid’s director of marketing – Core Raisin Portfolio. “Our Yogurt Covered Raisins are a great way to keep your sweet-tooth at bay, but without the guilt, as they are made with whole fruit.”

Chocolate Yogurt Covered Raisins will delight chocolate lovers, while Vanilla Yogurt Covered Raisins are a creamy, classic favorite. Salted Caramel Covered Raisins offer the perfect marriage of sweet and salty flavors, and the delectable duos of Covered Raisins and Strawberry & Vanilla Yogurt Covered Raisins provide delicious mashup options for even the most indecisive taste buds.

In January 2020, Sun-Maid will introduce new packaging, as well as more indulgent flavors.

Sun-Maid has launched a marketing campaign to drive consumer awareness of the new reformulation. The overarching message is that Yogurt Covered Raisins are a whole fruit snack and permissible indulgence that kids will crave and moms will approve.

Sun-Maid Yogurt Covered Raisins are available nationwide at all major retailers and grocery stores. All single flavors come in single-serve and shareable, multi-serve bags.


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