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The Weather Company and OFF launch mosquito forecast

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ATLANTA — The Weather Company and its flagship consumer brand, The Weather Channel, has announced its partnership with OFF! to bring local mosquito forecasts to The Weather Channel app. Launched in the U.S. in 2022, Brazil in 2023, and Canada in 2024, OFF!Cast Mosquito Forecast predicts mosquito behavior and populations to help consumers better plan summer activities and optimize their outdoor time this summer.

“As weather patterns change and increasingly impact the health of both people and businesses, innovative teams like the OFF! brand are using weather intelligence and factoring changing weather conditions into how they help consumers from the start,” said Sheri Bachstein, CEO of The Weather Company. “This partnership is a natural fit, and the inspired innovation by both companies turned a trove of trusted, scalable data into invaluable insights to activate across a business, helping people understand their mosquito risk and plan ahead for mosquito protection.”

Incorporating over 15 billion climate data points and real-world mosquito data from 5,000 locations, the OFF!Cast Mosquito Forecast combines entomology research on local mosquito species with detailed weather data inputs to predict mosquito populations and activity levels by ZIP code. Historic activity patterns, varying weather conditions, and weather and climate factors are accounted for when building these regional models.

Now leveraging The Weather Company’s deep meteorological expertise, enhanced datasets include historical and forecast temperature, humidity and precipitation for predicting mosquito sources, as well as forecast conditions that drive day-of mosquito activity.

By integrating OFF!Cast Mosquito Forecast™ into The Weather Channel app, millions more consumers can now get into a routine of checking their local mosquito and weather forecasts simultaneously across multiple platforms:

  • For those who already depend on the OFF!Cast Mosquito Forecast™, it continues to be available on, but now with improved weather data from The Weather Channel.
  • The OFF!Cast tool will also be visible in The Weather Channel app’s new experience on iOS. Check out the Daily tab and Outdoor Activity tabs for camping, hiking, golf and gardening for an at-a-glance risk level – low, medium, high, very high, severe – of mosquito activity based on local weather conditions for today and the days ahead.
  • To know mosquito risk for the area, sign up for weekly forecasts on the website or from within the OFF!Cast tool on The Weather Channel properties.
  • Learn more about mosquitoes and how to avoid them with educational, integrated content across The Weather Channel app and
  • When weather conditions are ripe for heightened mosquito activity, OFF! will share relevant, informative messaging on The Weather Channel digital properties and beyond.

“Mosquito activity is very dependent on weather patterns,” said Tom Mascari, principal entomologist with SC Johnson’s Center for Insect Science. “Checking the weather and local mosquito forecasts for the week can improve people’s ability to prepare themselves to spend time outdoors.”

The purpose-driven collaboration leverages deep content alignment and organic integration of weather data and insights to help people prepare for mosquito activity and stay safe. Check out the OFF!Cast Mosquito Forecast™ from and The Weather Channel app for iOS.


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