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Nicorette launches stop-smoking ad blitz

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PITTSBURGH — Nicorette, the smoking cessation gum brand of GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, is launching a multimedia advertising campaign that it said is designed to speak to smokers in a "candid and honest way."

Featuring the tagline, "Nicorette Makes Quitting Suck Less," the campaign began this week with its first television commercial and will run nationally through prime, cable and syndicated stations, on networks including ABC, CBS, NBC and CW.

The concept behind the campaign is to focus on the process of quitting rather than the need to quit, as well as to be honest about the fact that quitting smoking isn’t easy. The new Nicorette ads are intended to bring to life the challenges of quitting smoking using the language smokers use to describe it, with such unique elements as a device called a "Suckometer" that measures the "suck level" of a smoker’s craving. The device illustrates how Nicorette’s fast craving relief can change a smoker’s craving level for a cigarette from "sucks a lot" to "sucks less."

Plans call for Nicorette to run an open letter to smokers in national magazines and newspapers — including ESPN, People, Time and Entertainment Weekly — as well as on the Nicorette Facebook fan page to introduce the campaign. Also, Nicorette will run 30-second radio spots on network radio stations. Consumers, too, will be able to find the ads on Nicorette.com and on the Nicorette Facebook fan page.

"With an average smoker attempting to quit up to nine times before doing so successfully, we can’t paint a picture that quitting is easy," Michael Roe, marketing director of the U.S. Smoking Control business at GSK Consumer Healthcare, said in a statement. "GSK is committed to finding ways to help break down barriers for smokers because we understand how hard it is to quit, and even if it takes a few attempts, Nicorette can help handle cravings and withdrawal symptoms through the process."

Nicorette said its gum, available over the counter, is designed to gradually wean smokers off cigarettes and can double a smoker’s chances of quitting and remaining smoke-free for six months and longer, based on a placebo-controlled study. In addition, smokers can visit Nicorette.com to enroll in a free personalized quit plan.

The sugar-free Nicorette gum, available in strengths of 2 mg and 4 mg, comes in such flavors as White Ice Mint, Fresh Mint, Fruit Chill and Cinnamon Surge.


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