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Bausch + Lomb release INFUSE for Astigmatism contact lenses

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VAUGHAN, Ontario — Bausch + Lomb Corp. has announced the U.S. launch of INFUSE for Astigmatism daily disposable contact lenses. The product provides astigmatic patients clear, stable vision, all-day comfort and minimizes contact lens dryness. Consistent with the entire INFUSE family of lenses, INFUSE for Astigmatism features a blend of osmoprotectants, electrolytes and moisturizers, essential comfort and eye health ingredients that are released throughout the 16-hour wearing experience. The lens material (kalifilcon A) combines the highest overall moisture (55%) and high breathability (107 Dk/t) with a low modulus for excellent comfort.

“More than half of toric lens wearers with astigmatism experience contact lens dryness and many also report blurred vision. These symptoms are only exacerbated with modern-day lifestyles, which include prolonged digital device use,”1 said Yang Yang, president, global vision care, Bausch + Lomb. “Our INFUSE for Astigmatism lenses, which were developed in-house by our R&D team, are designed to directly address these challenges, including the causes of toric lens rotation. They provide excellent clarity, optimal stability and can be worn comfortably all day.”

INFUSE for Astigmatism is uniquely designed to provide consistently clear vision across the entire power range and help reduce spherical aberration and halos and glare, even in low-light conditions. Engineered with a thin-edge design to minimize lid interaction and a stabilization feature in the lower hemisphere, the cutting-edge OpticAlign design stabilizes with the eye’s natural blink.

According to a recent study, 95% of INFUSE for Astigmatism lenses settled within 10 degrees within 30 seconds. In addition, 97% of INFUSE for Astigmatism lenses had less than three degrees of rotation with blink and a mean comfort score of nearly 90%. INFUSE for Astigmatism offers the most in-office parameters and is the only daily disposable toric with -2.25 and -2.75 cylinders available in a fit set.

The company expects to start shipping INFUSE for Astigmatism fitting sets to eye care professionals in July 2024. The product is also recyclable through Bausch + Lomb’s ONE by ONE recycling program.


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