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Y-Brush’s Sonic Toothbrush delivers complete brushing in only 20 seconds

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PARIS – Y-Brush (, a trailblazer in dental care technology, is helping change how America brushes its teeth with its groundbreaking line of sonic toothbrushes, designed to make oral hygiene more effective and efficient. This innovative range promises to transform the way people approach daily dental care, ensuring a cleaner, healthier smile in just 20 seconds.

Y-Brush has introduced a revolutionary concept that redefines the traditional toothbrush. Unlike conventional toothbrushes that require extensive manual brushing and often fall short in thoroughness, Y-Brush’s unique “whole mouth” design ensures effective plaque removal in a fraction of the time. The product range is the result of years of research and development, combining cutting-edge technology with ergonomic design to deliver the most efficient method for plaque removal available. In only 10 seconds for the upper teeth and another 10 seconds for the lower teeth, users get a complete clean.

Traditional brushing methods often leave room for error, missing hard-to-reach areas and leading to dental issues over time. Y-Brush addresses these shortcomings with its comprehensive, all-in-one design. This innovation not only saves time but also enhances oral health by providing a more consistent and thorough clean.

Difficulties with oral hygiene and tooth decay continue to affect large numbers of Americans.  In fact, according to a recent study conducted by OnePoll, Americans forget to brush their teeth up to five times per week. Y-Brush is the answer to this problem. “Y-Brush ushers in a new era of tooth care by making the brushing process easier, faster and more efficient, delivering a complete clean in only 20 seconds,” says Benjamin Cohen, CEO and Founder of Y-Brush.

The flagship products include the Y-Brush NylonBlack Toothbrush (, the DuoBrush Sonic Electric Toothbrush ( and Y-Brush for Kids (

All redefine dental care standards and are designed for maximum efficiency and ease of use, including everything needed for superior oral hygiene. Y-Brush sonic toothbrushes ensure gentle yet effective cleaning, ideal for everyone, including children and those with sensitive gums.

•       Y-Brush NylonBack features ultra-soft bristles and gentle vibration settings to provide a thorough clean without irritating sensitive gums. This product is ideal for individuals with gum sensitivity or dental conditions requiring a softer touch.

•       With the DuoBrush, Y-Brush’s innovative brush head now comes on a classic sonic toothbrush handle with 5 different cleaning modes, along with a traditional brush head, allowing users to easily switch up their brushing based on their specific needs and preferences each day

•       Y-Brush for Kids is specially designed to fit smaller mouths and make brushing fun, easy, and fast for children. The kid-friendly design and colorful options encourage good oral hygiene habits from a young age.

The Y-Brush product line is now available for purchase on the official website at Y-Brush USA and on Amazon ( Prices for the NylonBlack pack start at $129.90 and the DuoBrush Sonic Electric Toothbrush starts at $74.90 with various models and packages to suit different needs and preferences. Products for kids and those with sensitive gums are also available for purchase on the website.

Key Features of the Y-Brush product line include:

–        Efficient Plaque Removal in 20 Seconds: The Y-Brush’s innovative design allows users to achieve a thorough clean in just 10 seconds on top and 10 on bottom, making it perfect for busy lifestyles.

–        360-Degree Coverage: The Y-Brush surrounds the teeth with soft nylon bristles, ensuring every surface is cleaned simultaneously, providing superior dental hygiene.

–        Customizable Fit: Available in multiple sizes and made of soft flexible plastic, the Y-Brush is designed to fit comfortably in any mouth, offering a personalized brushing experience.

–        User-Friendly Design: With its simple operation and ergonomic shape, the Y-Brush is easy to use for people of all ages and abilities, including children and the elderly.

–        Durable and Hygienic: Made from high-quality materials, the Y-Brush is built to last and easy to maintain, with replaceable brush heads ensuring long-term use.

To further enhance customer convenience and ensure optimal oral hygiene, Y-Brush offers a Subscription Program for Replacement Brush Heads. This program allows users to automatically receive new brush heads at a lower cost, on a schedule of their choosing, ensuring they always have a fresh, effective brushing experience.


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